Fruit Blast


Keri juice is typically known as a brand that you find in Mums fridge. Wholesome, nostalgic, good for you.  Fruit Blast wanted to be a playful, big fruit, immediate consumption go-to for young adults seeking fruity refreshment.

Our aim was to attract busy, young people who grab juice on the run when they need refreshment, and a touch of goodness.  Fruit Blast is a full-flavoured, bulging bottle of intense fruity goodness, designed to give you a no-holds-barred sensorial juice experience.

As for life in general, reaching adulthood is proving more stressful than they thought. Yes they expected grown-up pressures; yes they knew there would be times when they need to be serious, but everything in-between should be filled with fun and gratification, shouldn't it? The more instant, the better, right!

We wanted to bring to life a mix of eye catching, relatable content for Fruit blast, that we did.