Got A Trade - Find Your Fit


With only 4% of school leavers entering trade industry training, it’s indicative there's a misconception that apprenticeships and traineeships are less prestigious or viable than university.

Find Your Fit, aims to attract more young New Zealanders into trades and services, albeit not through a traditional commercial, but a quirky career-advising, interactive music video –  by New Zealand band The Hype Men starring Elroy Finn & Jimmy Metherell, featuring EJB.

In an already crowded advertising landscape, GenZ are exposed to thousands of advertising messages every day and content representing a traditional commercial risks being met with glassy-eyed stares. To that end, Find Your Fit has been designed to challenge our perceptions of the trades and services in a fresh new way.

Directed by Mardo El-Noor and designed by Sally Tran of Fish & Clips, it features the band performing their new single 'If You Want Me' while contorting themselves, à la human tetris, through uniquely shaped holes in fast approaching walls. Built with the help of real apprentices and trainees, each of the nine walls represents a different trade or service, helping students find a career path that's the right fit for them.

Launched on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV and Instagram Stories, the campaign also includes an interactive microsite where viewers can learn more about the various trades and services. Every time a different wall approaches the band, a link pops up enabling viewers to click through and learn more about the career represented on screen.

The campaign officially premiered at Parliament during the fourth annual Got A Trade week and was well-received before a crowded house of lawmakers.