Hamodava Coffee Co. the Original Fair Trade


Long before today’s brands had even heard of fair trade, one company was quietly helping local communities work the land and become self-sufficient. They grew coffee, tea and cocoa and put profits back into the plantations, and the pockets of the people who lived on them. That company was Hamodava, conceived by William Booth’s son Herbert Booth in 1897. Now, since fading from our shelves in the 1920’s – it’s back. 

Hamodava Coffee has returned, grown the way it was always grown – with the utmost care and a century of expertise, and with the same intent of sharing what is made, with the ones who make it. Now, coffee lovers in New Zealand and the world over can share in this simple philosophy, choosing to drink the best quality coffee and knowing the satisfaction they gain from drinking it, is only part of the story. The brand design and packaging is a modern reflection of the original Hamodava but with over 120 years of refinement.