Ogilvy - Interior Design


We were asked to design the office environment for Ogilvy. A heritage building to inspire and challenge both staff and clients. The idea we ran with – Round peg in a square hole. A visual manifesto to think different and not fit in.

Firstly we wanted to inspire people. For this, the circle form is the thought bubble, brilliant idea, target, misfit, thought leader and the rebel. We used various sculptural quotes to arrest attention and bring about positive behavior change, while having a considered approach within the heritage building. At the end of the day we wanted clients or visitors to leave with a smile or challenge in their mind.

Custom black steel shelves create partitions that are stacked with quirky objects, creative books and lush plants. These serve to break up large open areas and allow the high vaulted ceiling to soar above staff to compliment it’s original beauty. 

Due to the challenges of working with a heritage building and it’s quirks, we collaborated with production company The Wonder Group to help with the install. The biggest challenge was to ensure history and beauty wasn’t ruined or lost. The wood and brick flour mill was brightened and further enhanced with white walls for a restrained, contemporary use of the brand colours; red, white, and black to function as a gallery-like space. The addition of climbing plants adds a pop of life. 

Plenty of DIY was used with sourcing and installing materials, but we love it! The overall result was a redefined new direction for the agency. We're now completing the sister agency fit-out in Wellington city.