PSA - 13 Month Diary


Closing the gender pay gap, with office stationary. On average, women in New Zealand are still paid 10% less, than men doing the same job. To close the gender pay gap, we can either pay women more; or do the unthinkable and make them work longer hours.

Office Stationery for women offered an absurd solution, to the serious problem of the gender pay gap. The range of stationery featuring a 13 hour clock, and a diary with an extra month, so that women can work longer hours, to earn the same as men. We sent our kits to celebrities, politicians and social influencers, to share with their followers. We even created an online “re-calculator”, that worked out how much of your salary you’d gain, or lose if you swapped gender.

“Women shouldn’t have to work longer hours, to earn the same as men”, could sign an open letter; asking the government to address equal pay by the end of 2018.

Taking cues from the high street world of designer objects, we created (what appeared to be) a highly desirable stationery product. A colour palette of white, copper and ironic “soft pink”, was selected to evoke and reference the antiquated views towards femininity and the gender pay imbalance.