TATOU - Brand Identity


TĀTOU. Means all of us. 
A brand identity for a new communications agency, catering specifically to cultures within New Zealand i.e. Māori, Pacific Island and Asian. They create unique, effective and relevant communications that resonate on a more personal level, helping to effect social change.

Functionally the word mark uses symmetry and can be read from either way like a mirror. Emotionally the word mark conveys connection, transparency, language and equality using inter-connecting words, including the translation ‘all of us’.

The colour palette for Māori, Pacific, and Asian cultures uses the common thread, of black, white and red (with a small nudge of pacific blue). 
The red is used sparingly to create emphasis. Weaving patterns are also used 
to give subtle texture, another link to the diverse cultures within Aotearoa. These are showcased in the patterned word marks, the geometric poster fold out, and the corporate stationary. Language, words and stories, are integral to Tātou, the agency and their audience, making the symmetrical word mark, the word play and inter connecting words significant in their story-telling ability.