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We’re a tight and talented team here in Aotearoa, backed by one of the most creative and effective global networks in the world.

This means you have a team on the ground with the ambition and agility of a start-up, and the ability to pull experts from any market into a bespoke team to deliver the most impactful creative solution to our clients’ problems.

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Advertising Brand & Content

We inspire brands and people to impact the world. To create big ideas that make a significant contribution to the planet, society, and the bottom line. We believe in today’s world this is the best way for our clients to achieve sustainable growth. We get, create and scale ideas that are dynamic, have a branded point of view, and will connect brands and businesses with people through paid, owned, and earned media.

Digital Experience & Transformation

Digital Transformation opens new paths to growth by leveraging digital technologies, innovations, experiences and emerging business models. But, it’s not all about technology. It’s about making brands matter through superior customer experience. That’s what drives growth.


As the social ecosystem grows up, understanding the balance of brand and consumer is vital – and at Ogilvy, the social team excel at navigating the gap between community and commerce. We are part of the largest social media communications network in the world with over 550 dedicated social media experts globally, and we have a proven approach to delivering real time insights with real business value – and bringing brands to life in unexpected ways.

Brand Strategy

We believe the best competitive advantage our clients can have over their competitors is having strong brands. That’s why Ogilvy’s philosophy is to ‘Make Brands Matter’. It’s at the forefront of everything we do for our clients, and drives every decision we make. When does a brand ‘matter’? When it anticipates the needs of its consumers, and/or it matters in culture.


While it’s tempting to believe there is a diminishing role for traditional advertising, the truth is that nothing delivers the speed and scale of attitudinal and behavioural change quite like advertising. Brands need big ideas to solve big problems. And the way we develop and deliver those big ideas uses every opportunity enabled by new technology. Data allows us to understand people at a depth never before imagined. New media gives us razor-sharp targeting. And the social loop enables testing, measurement and amplification. At Ogilvy, we believe in powerful advertising and ideas that drive people to think and feel differently. Ideas that people talk about.


We believe in the power of brand, customer experience, data and technology to transform businesses, and drive growth. In an era of great fragmentation, brands are the connective tissue for complex organisations and global economies. Strong customer-centric brands are proven to increase shareholder value and to drive market share, revenues and profits — futureproofing business performance.

Behaviour change

At the heart of every communication challenge lies a behaviour or attitude that needs changing. Whether operating in the world of road safety or e-commerce, the core principles that drive change remain the same – they are deeply rooted in human psychology. By moving away from assumptions about consumers and applying the latest insights from social psychology and behavioural economics, we ensure our creative solutions are touching the right nerves to make change a reality. We’re plugged into the power of the Ogilvy Behavioural Science team to turn insights into effective behaviour change solutions.


Copper Brand Experience is a team of specialist brand engagement creatives, strategists and live experience design experts. Our in-house capability enables us to deliver powerful solutions from ideation to delivery. Founded in 2004, we are New Zealand’s first, most renowned and most awarded specialist experiential agency in New Zealand. Our uniqueness comes from the depth up of our expertise. We are the only agency to bring world class ideation, production, project management, and talent management under one roof. The outcome for our clients, many who have been our partners for +10 years, is solving activation needs through integrated thinking, backed by Ogilvy borderless creativity.

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