Making Millennials Famous

Samsung asked us to physically get the Galaxy S8 (and later S9) into the hands of its kiwi Millennial demographic. The market leading camera was our key feature to shout about. But it didn’t stop there. We were tasked with amplifying our experiential campaign beyond just Millennials. We needed to connect with the wider Kiwi public and show them that Samsung enables you to get out and about, doing cool stuff in New Zealand over summer.

Through a unique and highly interactive engagement concept, multi-layered amplification and a carefully curated sponsorship strategy, we achieved partnerships with New Zealand’s four most sought-after millennial events. We took the Samsung Galaxy to these events and we made our millennials feel famous!

At hero events, Splore and ACL, we delivered an epic first. Festival-goers were encouraged to take photos on the Galaxy device, which we then live-streamed direct to a giant billboard on one of Auckland’s busiest streets. This innovative use of media was a first of its kind in New Zealand.

We integrated with social media at all festivals and events; images consumers took on the S8 / S9 were uploaded to a signposted Samsung Instagram competition page for the chance to win a Samsung device. Consumers were tagged so they could share the images across their own social networks. At ACL, we went a step further with consumers competing to be an official festival photographer using the GS9, with full access to all stages.

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