Mountain Goat

Beer Lovers Cycle to Melbourne

Craft beer festivals are busy places. Boutique Melbourne Brewery, Mountain Goat, wanted to cut through the noise and connect with Beernados (beer – aficionados). They wanted people to hangout at their stand, have a laugh and find out a bit about the brewery. The brewery that was started by two best mates when their combined financial assets consisted of nothing more than two mountain bikes…

To us it was a no brainer. We’d dig up two mountain bikes and have Beernados race each other from the beer festival to the Melbourne brewery.

We started at Beervana Festival in Wellington. In Beervana world it takes 2.5 minutes to cycle 10km. The two bikes were attached to wind trainers and hooked up to screens that tracked their distance. Two punters then raced head to head, the first punter to clock up a ‘Beervana’ kilometer was crowned the winner.

At the end of Beervana, every Beernado who won their race went in the draw to win a trip to Melbourne.

We have since rolled the activation concept out to multiple festivals, to the delight of Beernado’s across the country.

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