The Importance of Transparency

Pushing an industry - Duty of Disclosure (DoD)


As part of the new regulations for Financial Advice Providers set in March 2021, licensed insurers became legally obliged to publicly disclose certain elements of how they operate and display information on their public website. Partners Life realised that this was an opportunity to push the industry standard from being a ‘must have’ to ‘let’s make this as useful as possible no matter where you go’.

Designed to be informed

The Duty of Disclosure website enhancements openly declared what Partners Life responsibilities are, what advice can be given and questions people should be asking when seeking advice. Along with what to do when they feel the advice they have been given has been incorrect. Although a legal requirement the design and tone are dialled in a way to be as inclusive and open as possible through video, content examples and clear signposting. Making it a strong statement of what customers should expect from all insurance providers.

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